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Wills & Trusts
Do You Really Need A Revocable Living Trust?
Many clients mistakenly believe that a Revocable Living Trust is only for the wealthy. The most recent tax law passed by Congress provides $5,000,000.00 as a Federal Estate Tax exclusion as of January, 2013. Florida has a similar exclusion. Read More >

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Will Your Car Insurance Fully Protect You If You Are Injured?
Most people who own a car believe they have “full coverage: for their car insurance; however, as a lawyer who handles personal injury claims, “full coverage” means something very different to me than it may mean to you. Read More >

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Before Doing a Trust, Be Sure You Have Equity in Your Home
I have turned away several clients who were interested in doing a Revocable Living Trust to avoid probate on their condo or home when they passed away. In those cases where the client had a negative equity I recommended not doing a Revocable Living Trust Read More >

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Protecting Yourself When You Are Elderly
Q. I am a 78 year old widow. I’m in good health. I walk every morning and I’m still all there mentally. But I’m worried about what might happen if I get into a serious accident or have a stroke or something. My daughter tells me I should see a lawyer to have some papers drawn up. What is she referring to? Read More >

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